Gardening is a great way to burn some calories and tone muscles. Just 30 minutes a day, twice a week can make a difference. There are many different ways that you can get fit while you are improving the look of your landscaping, or growing a beautiful private garden. Preparing the land for plant life will get your heart going, and you will feel satisfied with the end result. In the spring while you are preparing your garden you will want use a rake, fertilizer, and be ready to get to work. Raking the ground and using a till to bring fresh dirt to the surface will help with your upper body and is also cardiovascular. Carrying the fertilizer bag from and shoveling out the dirt is a great way to tone your arms and strengthen your back muscles. If there is a lot of area to clean up spread this out over a couple weeks time. Once you are ready to plant be sure that you are bending down, but don’t sit down on the ground. This will help strengthen the muscles in the legs and in your core. When your ready plant some vegetables and fruits as directed on the packages.

As the summer continues use a watering can if possible instead of a hose to hydrate your plants. This will require multiple trips to the faucet, and also more work for your body. This will make the gardening more aerobic. Also weed regularly. This can be a workout of its own. When the vegetables are ready to harvest try incorporating a fresh fruit or vegetable into every meal of the day. This will help you improve your diet and eat healthier. Not only will you be getting the exercise you need and eating great, but you will be saving money as well.