Improve Your Life: Go GREENER!

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Whether you live in a green condo or an old co-op there are ways you can make your urban dwelling an environmental happy place. Here are a few thoughts for implementing better practices for the environment in your own home and your building:
Get Green Tech: Aside from your ADT Home Security System you’ve got a lot of options when it comes to in-home technical appliances. Buy washers, dryers and even refrigerators with the energy star label – they’ll save you money and carbon emissions in the long run.
Turn Off Hall AC: If you live in a building where there are cooled/heated hallways talk to the board about turning them way down or off altogether. Odds are your hallways aren’t that long and no one will even notice the slight change in temperature.
Start Recycling: Get everyone in your building to start recycling by providing marked recycling receptacles at all trash areas. Designate glass, plastic and even aluminum and you’ll encourage people to start sorting their own recycling before it ever hits the pile. Any recycling your building does is better than nothing!

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