Five Easy Work-outs That Don’t Feel Like Work

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It can be hard to fit a workout in everyday when you have a long to do list. You also may not like the feeling of having to work out. Try these five easy workouts that you can do, that don’t even feel like you are working out.

1. Cleaning out the clothes closets in your home. You will be lifting piles of clothes, sorting, folding, and doing laundry. All of these activities will have bending, lifting, stretching, and burning calories.

2. Walking the dog. Your dog should be walked everyday anyways and grabbing your dog will make the trip around the block less lonely.

3. Dance to your favorite song. Just 3-5 minutes of dancing twice a day is a great way to get your hear going and to speed up your metabolism. If you are worried about noise put your ear buds in an no one will even know.

4. Do lunges or standing side crunches in the shower. While you are washing your hair or letting your conditioner set in do 25 standing side crunches and then 25 lunches. Rotate twice. This is a great way to start out your day, or end your evening.

5. Wash the car. This is going to get your scrubbing and toning your muscles, enjoying the outdoors, and your car will look great.

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