Five Healthy Fruits and Vegetables You Should be Growing

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Cucumbers – Easy to plant but remember to keep them in warmth or sun as much as possible. They also tend to mature quickly so pick as soon as they reach around four to six inches in length.
Apples – One of the healthiest fruits, apple trees come in many varieties. If you don’t want a tree that will cover your whole backyard, you can always pick one that will only grow to six feet. Apples usually take around two years to bear fruit but the apples will be around for decades. And you will have more than enough to feed a family of four.
Tomatoes – Store bought tomatoes are expensive, and have a lot of chemicals sprayed on them. Tomatoes take a little work to grow but they are much fresher and remain fresh on vine for around two weeks.
Spinach – Spinach is cheap at the store but can be easily contaminated by bacteria. If you grow in your yard, along with being fresh, it can be picked most of the year.
Squash/Zucchini – One of the easiest vegetables to grow, squash and zucchini will be ready within fifty days from planting. Plants produce a lot but don’t store well so only pick enough for that one meal.

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